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Breathe - Spa Body Scrub

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Treat Your Skin to A Relaxing Glow

Say hello to gorgeous, soft skin that’s silky to the touch! The Breathe Body Scrub is an amazing combination of stress-relief and nourishing body treatment.

A New Layer of Radiant Beauty

Each Body Scrub is made with the best, natural ingredients including Sugar, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter. Together they will transform your skin, so it’s luminous and baby soft. Sugar is nature’s exfoliator – gentle but potent. Your body will look and feel like new as you gently massage the Scrub into your skin. The hydrating properties of Coconut Oil and Shea Butter lock in the moisture, for a youthful, even tone.

The Light Touch of Nature

Relaxing scents of Mangrove, Orchids, and Lemon Balm will massage your senses and help you destress after a long day. The graceful fragrance lingers on your body. Its inviting scent will remind you to slow down and just Breathe.

Each pack contains a dazzling ring

Fragrance Notes

Top: Mangrove trees, orchids, damp limestone, rice wine, fresh notes, lemon balm
Middle: Freesia lilac, bamboo
Bottom: Patchouli, blonde woods, musk, cotton wood