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Wedding photography is probably one of the first things  a couple seriously thinks of as wedding planning commences. We all enjoy and admire high-quality photos. While looking for a wedding photographer in Los Angeles, it can be a challenging task to find someone who has good feedback and reasonable pricing. Let us make your life easier and better! Our team consists of the most professional specialists who are constantly honing their skills.

Let us capture the brightest moments of your wedding, and we will surprise you and your guests with our professional approach and the highest quality wedding photos. We will not miss a single great moment and view. If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer in Los Angeles, wouldn’t it be better to contact a team of the best local photographers? We will consider all your requirements and preferences in order to create a unique concept for your wedding!
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Compare our offer to any wedding photography prices. We work in absolutely any wedding location in LA and the surrounding area. Our photographers use the most up-to- date equipment. Combined with incredible experience, skills and positive attitude we guarantee that you will be happy with the results!


What is a good wedding video? It can be shot in 360 degrees. Without a doubt, it is a video that makes you feel excited and brings you back to the day of your wedding! Just put on your VR headset. It should elicit a great response of positive emotions. Only a professional videographer from Los Angeles can make such a video for you!

Worrying about the money?  We are sure that it is just impossible to find affordable wedding videographer’s prices in Los Angeles that accomplish the same value our GRWM Artist provide. Our videographers work in any part of the city. They will be on time at any wedding venue you choose and do their job with inspiration and enthusiasm . Allow us to make a thrilling wedding video, using state-of- art technology and the most up-to- date equipment!

We are proud of having such an awesome staff of skilled and enthusiastic videographers. Our specialists have earned prestigious awards across years of successful experience. They have worked on dozens of various styles and know how to bring even the most wild idea to life. Tell us your honest expectations and we will find a way to meet your desires.


Every bride wants to be a princess at her own wedding, but it can be difficult to find the perfect makeup and hairstyle! It is, indeed, unless  you contact our GRWM Specialist! Our skilled and certified cosmetologists have experience handling hundreds of weddings and other large events over the course of many years. Such experience, combined with avid inspiration and dedication, is what allows our cosmetologists create the best wedding makeup for all of our clients. Do not hesitate to share all of your ideas; there is nothing impossible for our team, no matter your skin type, hair length or other factor.

The same could be said about your GRWM wedding hair stylist. A stylist from our team will not see it as a job, but rather her/his passion, no doubt impressing you with her/his portfolio, and helping create a new you. Our clients often feel just astonished with how beautiful they look after a visit to our stylist. This great master will help you discover your own beauty and style.

Choosing us, you can rest assured that our specialists use the best materials and techniques. They always find a way to meet even the strictest requirements and to turn any charming lady into a real princess who draws stares.

400 Basic Photo Package

1x GRWM Image Artist Photographer
6 Hours Continuous Coverage

650 Standard Photo/ Stylist  Package

1x GRWM Image Artist Photographer
1x GRWM Hair Artist Stylist
6 hours Continuous Coverage/ Touch-Ups

800 Deluxe Photo/ Video/ Stylist Package

1x GRWM Image Artist Photographer

1x GRWM Hair Artist Stylist

1x GRWM Videographer Artist