Wedding Flats To The Rescue! A Must For YOUR Dance Happy Guest

Rescue Flats is a Stony Plain-based company that specializes in creating lovely ballet flats as wedding favours. Part of a great wedding party is making sure people are comfortable. Sore feet from wearing high heels can put the wear and tear on the moods of ladies who really want the dance. Avoid an empty dance floor by ordering these comfortable and convenient flats for your guests.


Sarah Befus is the president and founder of this company. Alonside creative director Jeni Mundy, they have been creating their signature ballet flats since 2013. They have offered their favours to more than 700 weddings since opening.

Services offered

The services offered in their various packages include:

  • Metallic ballet flats (which come in gold, silver, slate and copper rose)
  • Couture display box
  • High heel bags