How To Travel In The Middle East As A Gay Couple?

Spending a Month in the Middle East as a Gay Couple? We Did and it Changed Our Life!

Most Western definitions of the "Middle East" define the region as "nations in Southwest Asia, from Iran to Egypt". However, North African nations without Asian links, such as Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco, are increasingly being called North African as opposed to Middle Eastern. Is it safe traveling in the middle east as a gay couple? We will explain in this article, how to travel the middle east as gay couple and be safe. We refer a slightly narrower definition for The Middle East - the area stretching from the Bosphorus (Turkey) to Afghanistan, and the Red Sea.

In the Western world, the Middle East is generally thought of as a predominantly Islamic Arabic community defined by frequent war and upheaval. Yet the area encompasses many distinct cultural and ethnic groups, and seven main languages. As a result it holds some of the most diverse and vibrant population centers.

Highlights from Middle East
  • The Old City of Jerusalem is beautiful and so unique
  • Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is a must see with iconic little towns
  • Beirut is a showstopper and very under-rated travel destinations
  • The rolling golden dunes of Oman
  • The coast and sea of Cyprus is magical
  • Watersports and safaris in Qatar


Hints and Tips for Middle East
  • In predominantly Muslim countries, restaurants will close during Ramdan until the evening when fasting is broken by the iftar (a meal or even buffet). In Israel, during Passover, grain products or leavened bread may not be sold. It's good to check local holidays that may affect your travels (or make for an interesting experience).
  • Me and Josh had to be very aware of public displays of affection( not just gays, straight people too!), taking photos of local women/men (or government-related people/buildings), wearing revealing clothes, trying to touch someone (i.e. to shake hands or tap their shoulder) are a few examples of what may be insulting or even punishable by law.

A Fun little Event they had going on at the Jumeriah Beach Boardwalk

  • Many of Israel's neighboring countries will not allow entry if you have visited Israel. To avoid this complication, ask the Israeli authorities to place the visa stamp on a separate document (you may have to assert yourself). There is a chance that the border guards may refuse to do so, but it's worth asking.
  • Double-check visa requirements beforehand to know whether the country issues visa-on-arrival or if you must apply for an advance visa. Prepare to pay entrance/departure fees in some countries, the cost of which may unexpectedly change. In some countries, you may not be allowed entrance based on your citizenship or because they do not offer tourist visas.
  • Due to volatile politics, it's wise to stay current with the news in this region.
  • Make sure if your traveling from Amsterdam you have no weed stuck in your pockets or in the bottoms of your shoes. Its a very serious crime esp in Dubai and many other middle eastern cities.

I have a big smile on my face becuase before I took this pic I was actually close to the Came and he pushed me over!! Personal Space I got the Message!

The better known Dubai and Abu Dhabi are just two of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. There is more to the place than big, bigger, biggest. Here are some less obvious attractions that might hold your interest.

Go into the desert with a four-wheel-drive and try riding up and down some of the sand dunes or simply camp under a clear desert sky. For some cultural refreshment, and less bling, try Sharjah, which advertises itself as the cultural capital of the Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates are easy to travel and get into, the main hubs of entry being Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Almost everybody gets a visa on arrival, which is valid for a month.

While the United Arab Emirates are relatively liberal as far as foreigners are concerned, you should be aware that you are still visiting an Islamic country. Sure you can get alcohol, and there are bars and nightclubs, and beaches where women sunbathe in bikinis, however, don’t push the culturally established boundaries. Public drunkenness is not accepted, and neither is cuddling or kissing in public. Both are offenses that can get you expelled or jailed.
These ladies above live in Dubai as expats! Bought us two rounds of cocktails! Such a MEMORABLE moment!

Highlights from United Arab Emirates

Hints and Tips for United Arab Emirates
  • The United Arab Emirates are not a cheap destination. There are several options to save money. You can look into a hospitality exchange service like couch surfing or you can stay in one of the lesser known Emirates, Ajman, or Sharjah are right next door to Dubai and cheaper.

  • It is affordable and easy to get around the big cities with public transport, it will save you money to use them. You can also get buses to the other Emirates.

  • If you are planning on going to, staying, or even just passing through Sharjah, it is good to know that alcohol is prohibited in Sharjah and there are regular checks.

  • To see more of the country than just the cities, you will need your own wheels or have to take a tour. It is worth going into the desert or visiting the Hajar Mountains, if only to get a taste of something different than malls and beaches.

  • While you can wear a bikini at most beaches, you might get stares on the public ones, and may find it more comfortable to go to one of the many private beaches. Never go topless!

  • The best time to visit the United Arab Emirates is from October to around April when temperatures are agreeable. Outside of these months, be warned, temperatures can reach 48°C (118.4°F)!


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P.S. You have to go to the Irish Village, Rock bottom and get a Bullfrog and you must visit QD's in the Month we lived there, we had to have eaten there at least 7 meals.

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